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I'm a 16 year old animator, I got married 6 times and say "uh oh!" a lot. Occasionally i'll say "oh snap!" "darn" "awww" and many other catchphrases.

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Posted by Cokenutz - December 15th, 2018

Some First Words!

Okay. So I wanted to start this whole post off with just a thing about something, but I forgot. So instead i'll just say that I've been mostly watching alot of King Of The Hill, The Simpsons, and Futurama pretty recently. Mostly because I couldn't watch them years ago, but now all of the sudden, a few days from turning 16 I can actually watch them (I started binging mostly in August and the downfall went from there) So yeah, those are the words I have left to say on this particular subject that was just ramblings. Now lets get onto the interesting stuff, the cartoons!

The Cartoons!

Okay, so like last time not much changed except CokeVentures Jumpee-Wall Madness came out like a month ago. and I only started the halloween cartoon like 2 weeks into October. Microwave Short is barely changed and that's about it for the Microwave Short, and finally a new cartoon in progress.. CokeVentures 7! I just finished writing the script and started with the storyboards earlier today. Though I will probably make a few changes to it before I start animating, that way I can get it done quickly.

Maybe Opening Commissions?

I have thought about this recently, and if you're wondering what kind for those that care, it's mostly related to animation related things rather than individual drawings. I might open them up later when I feel i've improved enough at drawing, but that is all for the main parts. Now time for plugging some stuff!!!


Okay so lets go!!

My twitter got banned a while back. Here is the new link for it.


I think that is all I have to say



Posted by Cokenutz - October 23rd, 2018


I don't know the purpose of life, but I do know a few ways to remedy the issue.

Just post images and browse the internet until you sleep, 24/7. all the time.


What is time? Time is concept made up by man, but what does this have to do with the stated above? nothing. It just looks so darn cool, but I gotta think of an excuse to pass this particular concept and break all the laws of this universal law. Which is all over the universe, now is now and tommorow is later, and yesterday was the past. 


Nothing, I just wanted something to do in this boring health class because I already finished and assignment that the teacher isn't even gonna grade. So i'm just spending all this time typing for no reason, but it's honestly better than doing nothing, i'm actually suprised that I managed to get past the schools block on Newgrounds, Certain Youtube Videos, and Discord since it's so simple to get past this restrictions, but I cannot give these out since it varies on the school but yeah. 


This is the end of one of my ramblings since this was just a long typing of nothing but just me pressing buttons on a somewhat broken Chromebook... I just wanna go home and go on my PC but can't since I am at school still and don't wanna get in trouble. Anyways sorry for this long meaningless rants.

-Have a nice day!


Posted by Cokenutz - October 22nd, 2018

Hey Newgrounds!!!!!!!!! I can release cartoons??!!

yeah.. pretty soon to be honest..

but i'm gonna forget to do that and instead just mess around during class, and going home and quickly and just put my hands together and quickly draw the coke halloween short on my small tablet on a large screen with a laggy ass pc that shuts down randomly, sometimes it even takes an eternity to start everything :) so yeah pretty great pc. (at least I don't have to do lip sync thanks to @crazycow237) so yeah..

But yeah that went on a weird tangent but whatever I'm gonna continue doing that for a while. Nothing can stop me from going on long rants with no apparent purpose but to just spam things for no reason. But this isn't spam, this is just random typing in a class I find really boring. Nothing really to see here.

So yeah....



Good day!!!


Posted by Cokenutz - October 17th, 2018

Hey guys!! How is your guys' day going? My day is honestly going okay it's just like any other day to be honest. I did write a long vent thingy, but I decided against it since it mostly was targeted towards one person, (who I don't hate) but yeah. anyways here is what this vent is. FREAKING ANIMATE CC.

Oh my god has it changed, the new design is honestly really really shitty, why? well first of all they moved many of the time line buttons to the top instead of the bottom like other versions before it did. It sucks. These buttons such as onion skin and play and edit multiple frames are at the way top of the screen instead of just below the timeline and I can't find a way to change it. It sucks! Second of all, automated lip sync. I know this tech is still in development, but it honestly sucks. It's really weird and doesn't seem to work right. but its fine whaterver. Now here is the last part I can legally rant about, The BRUSH TOOL!!

THE BRUSH TOOL IS SH!T sorry but it still sucks @Cokenutz and I think it might be worse than the 2018 brush. BUT it seems to do the "animate is processing strokes" thingy a lot less. But the brush still sucks for drawing to be quite honest. now here is some of the good stuff about this about for a change of positivity before going back into negativity. Adobe actually added puppet warping!! YESSS!!! I'VE WANTED TO USE THAT FOR A BIT NOW!!! It's so cool!! now you don't have to do weird workarounds to get bendy artwork, now you could just use this puppet warping tool and it would work right. No more weird shape tweens to get bendy artwork. no more going to illustrator to do it. YOU CAN FINALLY DO IT IN THE PROGRAM ITSELF!!!! Another small but cool thing they added, filters and effects on layers. YES NOW I CAN FINALLY HAVE A WAY TO GET BLURS ON GRAPHIC SYMBOLS!!! which is cool now. oh and they added a little bit more support for after effects so thats pretty cool (I just hope the camera doesn't get removed when I try to bring a shot to after effect)

But yeah that was animate cc which is one thing. and thats the end (I lied about the other thing I was gonna vent about) i'll do that on a later post for now, I gotta get to my other class now. I have to retake a math test I couldn't do. so yeah.... BYE!!! PS: have a wondeful day.

Posted by Cokenutz - October 17th, 2018

darn.. I just wrote a long vent thing and I accidentally refreshed the page.. :( it's gone now. 


Posted by Cokenutz - July 8th, 2018

Here are some cartoons coming soon!!!

CokeVentures 4 & 5 (Whenever this year.)


The shot below is from Cokeventures 5 (Storyboarded by @jasterh21)


and the last planned cartoon that I hope can get completed this year hasn't started recording. Though some assets for it are near complete. That is all I have for the day. Goodnight!


Posted by Cokenutz - April 20th, 2018

This is alright, though its alright.