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I'm a 16 year old animator, I got married 6 times and say "uh oh!" a lot. Occasionally i'll say "oh snap!" "darn" "awww" and many other catchphrases.

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Content Warning

  • Swearing
  • Gross nasty talk
  • Family Guy references (if you're not into that)
  • Shit talking about twitter artists who'll never see any of this. but you likely know who, and it's not you.

Hey Hey Hey!!

I have a funny, really funny surprise. I'm actually real life pregnant!! To quote a famous troublemaker,

Newgrounds sure is cool and all, especially when they let randos just type random stuff. So then you get people like me who just do this for the fun of it, and because they have nothing else to do

That's the classic thing!

Update #50000

I fucking hate animating with rigs. It's so boring, so repetitive, and ruins a lot of the fun of animation to be quite honest. This may sound like random rant from a crappy animator, but I actually know how to use rigs "the correct way" and I still find it boring, and unfun to do. Frame by frame stuff is a lot more fun, and feels like it takes up less time, and it's something I need to get better at, to be honest. Also

Fun Fact: I failed a required high school class.

Now I have to feel retarded again because I didn't wanna watch gay ass biology shit, and instead scribble stuff that isn't related to cartoon shit.

Sorry for the swearing. Just a bit upset about my wasted sumer.

Speaking of which...

Coke's Wasted Summer

I did nothing but sit at the computer, laugh and watch a lot of tv shows and youtube videos, read toxic old blogs from an infamous person in the industry, and watch bloo me 11 times a day. This summer was not a good one. Here's a list of things I could've done

  • Meet a girl/boy, (you know exactly the context smartass)
  • Save The World
  • Stay out past curfew
  • Beef your mom to death
  • Make even more family guy references
  • Make references to things that you don't get/ have never read at all but you make them because your internet friends like those things, and you don't wanna be the one that doesn't know what they're talking about, but you also just don't know how to start reading that said specific thing that they talk about. while you mindlessly stare at your screen and have stuff go in one ear and out the other, because you didn't get anything they're talking about
  • Pretend to be a smartass
  • Try to research even more pointless crap to "get smarter" which is not a word
  • Write more Pseudo Intellectual garbage posts
  • Do summer schooll
  • Use the treadmill more often
  • Ride a bike
  • Talk to irl friends
  • Go outside
  • Have le funny circles to quit every project i'm involved in and go start a new one under a different internet username.
  • Quit the internet.
  • Maybe do some things that I can't say because i'll get arrested if I do, but only because i'm 16.
  • Drink more sodapop.
  • Learn how to do music
  • Exercise??
  • Exercise again??
  • Read stuff that isn't pointless and actually become smarter, instead of a smartass pseudointellectual that combines two words that shouldn't be combined.
  • Not worry and be really insecure about my intelligence because I might be a bit slow
  • Try not to act "autistic" so much in calls and in public.
  • Actually gain the ability to say "no"
  • Learn life drawing instead of drawing cartoon shit still, and then once done learning a few of the basics and practicing, then apply those skills to cartoon stuff.
  • Not type this blog like an annoying 12 year old.
  • Realize that, despite being 16, you still have a lot of a mindset as a 12 year old
  • Realize then that your mom told you that in order to put you down for saying something slightly off color or being slightly hyper.
  • Realize then that you can't be too loud or your siblings will tell you to "shut the fuck up!!" or "turn off the fucking fan!!"
  • Realize that you can't swear because you'll get in big trouble, despite being 16.
  • Say that someone is an asshole right in the same room as your mom, without feeling nervous about it.
  • Realize that I did that about someone on twitter because they are a genuine asshole, but they will never realize it, and think people only hate them because they are something, and not because they're an asshole.
  • Talk in cryptic language to sugarcoat shittalking about a toxic person who'll go after anyone
  • realize it's pointless and that your art's too shit and you're too young to make someone go after you.
  • be glad of shit art because no one will go after you.
  • be glad of young age to improve behavior, and maybe learn not to write crap like this.

Okay very very sorry for all of that long ramble, but I HAD to get it out before I went to sleep, otherwise I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.. Also good luck for those that have school!!

Uh Oh!!


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