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Thought i'd post here instead of spamming twitter. As well as it being a better archive cause of my spamming.

Some Shit About Cartoons

First of all...

I did not do a damn thing for that FNF jam entry. All I did was appear in the background crowd. That cartoon to me is a reminder of a different, worse, gayer Tornada. Even if it was made in the same year as me writing this blog post.

Second of all...

I'm glad people really enjoyed Coke 5. It was actually nice to get a real episode of the series out after a year of basically doing nothing, fooling around on discord, and trying to frankenepstein an already old-ish - outdated as fuck - episode. The way I feel about that episode is that even though the cartoon is very roughly made (rushed too!) it still managed to be at least comprehensible and had an actual beginning, middle, and end. Basically this was the type of shit I was making beforehand. That cartoon wasn't trying to be ironic or too weird (well it's comedic but y'know), that was my actual sincere attempt to make a cartoon. So making a series and having it go from that to THIS in one episode is at least something, to me. Even if the episode came out like two years later. It at least only took one crazy month of not doing schoolwork to make. Also special thanks to literally everyone else who helped on it!!!

Third of all...

Since I brought up that cartoon.... I thought i'd bring up the little halloween short that followed 10 months later.. I wanted to make that just to make one specific joke about a certain individual that may or may not have a problem with the group i'm in.. (hihi if ur reading this desu >.< ~!!!) but also I wanted to use that to improve my sound mixing skills, since there were a few things about the sound mixing in the preceding cartoon. Wanted to learn how to specifically how to EQ, use Dynamic Compression, and foley/ambience. I also MIGHT make another cartoon by the end of this year but not a full on episode....

Last thing...

Episode 6 is coming! Probably around the summer or so. I want to actually take time with it and not rush it and stress heavily like with the last few cartoons.

PS: If I fucked up on writing lmk cause i'm about to fall asleep (it's 4:34AM in the fucking morning!!) Maybe a nice hot cup of strong coffee will soothe me in the slumber land >U< !

That's all.



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